Archery lessons after school women's classes and events in Asheville

All Public Classes include a Stretch Warm up, All Equipment, Professional Lesson, and Supervised Shooting for 60 minutes -2 hours depending on the class size. You are welcome to bring your own equipment as long as it is a traditional recurve or long bow under 40# draw with target arrows. The cost will be the same.


Class Details Below All Classes Need Prior Reservation

After School Archery Class

Co-Ed ages 8-12. Starts Spring 2019.

Wednesday's 4-5pm

Cost $25 drop in 

$20 each class for series of 8

$160 paid in advance or two payments

 of $80. Rain cancels class. Ongoing.

Women's Sunday Archery Class

The second and fourth Sunday  of the month. Ongoing. Arrive at 3  Archery starts 3:15pm sharp. We go for about 90 minutes to two hours depending on class size.   Bring water and your favorite non alcoholic beverage. Minimum Age 16. Cost $25 or $20 if you bring a new friend RSVP required. Beginners to Intermediate Archers welcome.

Co Ed Sunday Class

 The first and third Sunday  of the month. Ongoing.  3:00-5:00 depending on class size. Minimum age 16.

  Starts January 2019.

  Co -Ed.

$25 or $20 if you bring a new friend.  Bring water and your favorite non alcoholic beverage. 

RSVP Beginners to Intermediate Archers welcome.


IF ITS RAINING DOES IT CANCEL THE PUBLIC CLASS? Yes. Call an hour before to make sure.

ITS COLD OUT. IS ARCHERY STILL HAPPENING?  We shoot in all weather except for rain. Dress warm. Over 45 degrees is very comfortable. Under 45 is for hardy folk. Dress warm and we will provide a fire next to the shooting line.

CAN I BRING MY DOG OR OTHER PET TO CLASS? Sorry, no animals on the range.  We wouldn't want to shoot them.

IS THER SHADE AT THE RANGE? There is always tree shade or a shade tent available with chairs.

ARE THERE BATHROOMS AT THE RANGE? During the summer there is a clean porta potty but not in the cold season.. Best to take care of your bathroom needs before you come so you can be present for the lesson.


CAN I WATCH MY KID OR FRIEND DO ARCHERY? Yes, as long as they are comfortable with it.

IS ARTEMIS ARCHERY ASHEVILLE INSURED? Of course! However, everyone is still required to sign a waiver when they arrive on property.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Close toed shoes or boots are required. No sandals, flip flops or high heels. No loose fitting clothes that may get caught in the bow string. Leave your jewelry at home. Bow strings and hoop earrings are a gruesome combination!

BRING YOUR OWN FILLED WATER BOTTLE, sun protection and natural bug spray.

CAN I COME EARLY TO CLASS AND HANG OUT BEFORE IT STARTS? No, please respect start times at the private range. We may be getting ready or not there yet to teach. Thank